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Lonely socks

This piece of art is standing in the building where I work. It’s called ‘Klaagmuur van eenzame sokken’, wich means ‘Wailing wall of lonely socks’. It’s made out of hundreds of single socks. I think every single person in the world – who wears socks – recognizes the problem: “where are all my socks!?” I [...]

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Demo’s in The Hague

Almost every day there is a demo taking place in front of my office. I always find it very interesting to take a look when there is one. Here a picture of a demo against cuts in the care budget.

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Happy weekend

This was a nice but busy week. I started with my German lessons, held a dinner party, did a bit of wedding planning, visited my parents. And ofcourse my Thursday night evening/night shift, wich means beeing in the office until the end of the parliamentary meeting – I worked from 11 to 11; not too [...]

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A nice thing about being a civil servant in the Tweede Kamer (the Dutch parlement) is to stand front row during special occasions. It was Prince’s Day yesterday, the start of the parliamentary year. A day full with militaries, horses, mp’s and ofcourse the queen and her golden Golden Carriage.

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Happy Monday

Monday isn’t really my favourite day of the week – and I’m probably not the only one with this allergy -. To make life a bit easier, a picture of some beatiful flowers that I bought this weekend. I wish you all a happy Monday!

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A green office

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The road to succes

After a long summer, it’s finally getting busy at work. A good moment to post a picture of this funny card. Stijn’s sister Mariska bought it for me (somewhere) in the USA. It was probably used as propaganda material during the sixties by American feminists.

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At work during summertime

My work in parlement can be very exiting, but during summertime it is very quiet. Enough time to do forgotten paperwork, have a nice lunch and think about our trip to Istanbul.

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