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Sister gift

Mijn oudste zusje Leonie was gisteren jarig. Gezellig gekletst en heerlijk gegeten. Ik gaf haar een paar cadeautjes waaronder deze eigengemaakte etagère met een bijpassend kaartje. Knippen, plakken en combineren. My sister Leonie was celebrating here birthday yesterday. It waS a lovely evening. I gave her a few gifts including this homemade etagère with a [...]

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Enjoy vintage

A long time no blogging. Good to be back. Hope you’re all ok. My dear boyfriend Stijn is working on a new lay-out for my blog; I’m really looking forward to using it. Here a post in old style. A while ago I recivied this lovely little book about (collecting) vintage. A lot tips and [...]

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Vintage étagère

I while ago I found the lovely blog of Jolijndesign; she inspired me to make this étagère. I love to collect vintage cups and plates and I’m a big fan of drinking tea and eating chocolate. Here you can see the result of this combination.

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A couple of pieces from my blue ceramic collection. I buy way too many (vintage) cups, vases, plates and bowls, but find it so lovely to use different kinds of tableware. Here a part of my blue collection. I think the combination of blue and white looks great, don’t you?

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Scarf start

It’s not freezing yet, so I still have time to make my scarf. I’m not really good at knitting – certainly not as good as my mom and sister – but I find it pretty relaxing to do.

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Slave free

A while ago I did a few posts about the beauty of packaging, a great idea that I got from the Magdaloony blog. Today a Dutch, fair trade and slave free chocolate bar from Tony’s Chocoloney. I love the vintage look from the package and ofcourse the taste.

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First pictures

My Polaroid Land 1000 camera arrived yesterday evening. It looks brand new, with all the original books and a camera bag from the 70′s! Unfortunately it was already dark when I tried to take my first pictures. – And, everyone tells me that you’ve to practise a bit, before you get some nice ones (it’s a pity [...]

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Polaroid adventures

I just bought (online) a Polaroid Land Camera, with film. I can’t wait fot it to arrive! Any polaroid tips for me?

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O, holy thrifting

It was time for thrifting today. I went to all my favourite shops to look for hidden treasures. After the fifth shop I almost gave up, but then I found this lovely Mary. I’m a big fan of holy statues; especially female ones. It’s weird habit that studying history has done with me.

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Four Mainzelmännchen

I found some old toys from my mother; four Mainzelmännchen. She used to play with these little German people when she was a child. The Mainzelmännchen are now dancing on our stereo. It makes me happy, everytime I look at them.

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