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Gifts from France

Stijn’s parents where on holiday in France and they brought a some very delicious gifts back home. Eatable souvenirs are the best!

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Olive and Lemon

A couple of days ago I did a post about packaging. After that post, I discoverd that I really enjoy taking pictures of beatiful, strange or rare boxes and bottles. Today a photo of a bottle of olive/lemon oil that I bought in Tel Aviv.  I can’t read Hebrew, so I don’t know what the label [...]

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Gifts from London

Stijn brought me two nice gifts from London. A very sweet umbrella and a pack of crumpets. I discovered crumpets when I lived and worked in Nottingham for a couple of months. I think their the best with butter and sugar. What ‘abroad dish’ do you like?

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Acient white

Some pictures of the Archaeological Museum in Istanbul. I love the sunshine combined with the bright and white statues. I think that everybody just has to love history if you see these kind of pictures. The one of Stijn and Zeus is my favorite.

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Turkish patterns

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Afternoon in Beyoglu

Beyoğlu is an uphill district in the modern part of Istanbul. It has a young, friendly and artistic atmosphere. Just look at this serie of pictures and you might feel feel the vibe!

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Holy wisdom

I’ve seen a lot of famous  buildings, but the Hagia Sophia (wich means holy wisdom) is definitely one of the most impressive ones. An enormous and old church/mosque/museum with stunning mosaics. I could have spent a whole day wandering around there…

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The colours of Istanbul

I am back in Holland and ready to blog! Our trip to Istanbul was great. Beautiful weather, people, food and architecture. And a very special vibe beacause of the ramadan (the Turkish call it ramazan). Stijn and I made a lot of nice pictures; way to many for one post. Keep visiting my blog this week [...]

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Two Germanys

The world on our wall made place for western Europe. It’s an old map that I bought from a school in Limburg (south of the Neteherlands) wich was used during the 70′s. And things have changed since then: the EEC became the EU, two Germanys became one and a Karl-Marx-Stadt is called Schemnitz now. The [...]

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Eastern flavours

Dome of the Rock

Beautiful pictures from our trip around Israel and Palestine in May 2011. Jerusalem, The Dead Sea, Masada, Bethlehem, Tel Aviv, Galilee, Nazareth, Jaffa

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