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Lomo Saturday

Here a few polaroids that I took to practise, together with a card of the impossible project. – I love their website – The photos turned out a bit orange and spooky. For more Lomo-saturday take a look at the blogs of initiator Anki, Casper, Mireille, Marrit, Nikki, Judith, Marcia, Sacha and Nine

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I really enjoy blogs with lomo-pictures. I while ago I bought a polaroid camera and started taking photo’s with it, wich can be really difficult. – sometimes it’s just black what you see – These two portraits worked out pretty well: In my first lomo post, a picture of lomography. For more Lomo-saturday take a [...]

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First pictures

My Polaroid Land 1000 camera arrived yesterday evening. It looks brand new, with all the original books and a camera bag from the 70′s! Unfortunately it was already dark when I tried to take my first pictures. – And, everyone tells me that you’ve to practise a bit, before you get some nice ones (it’s a pity [...]

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Polaroid adventures

I just bought (online) a Polaroid Land Camera, with film. I can’t wait fot it to arrive! Any polaroid tips for me?

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