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China Town

A colleague gave me a tour around China Town, The Hague. I had never been there and was surprised that the neighborhood is so incredibly big ( I think it’s even bigger than the one in Amsterdam). I bought this beautiful box of tea, which is unfortunately a little bitter.

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Slave free

A while ago I did a few posts about the beauty of packaging, a great idea that I got from the Magdaloony blog. Today a Dutch, fair trade and slave free chocolate bar from Tony’s Chocoloney. I love the vintage look from the package and ofcourse the taste.

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Old wine

Last week Stijn and I openend a bottle of Bordeaux wine from 2000. It was delicious and a bit weird; I realised that the grapes in these wine where growing in sunny France when I was fifteen years old, studying for my High School exams.. I’m getting old: Cheers!

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In to minty

Lately I’m really in to the colour minty – you can see it if look at my new clock –  It’s a bit of a 9-year old revival, because turkwaaase (wich means minty) used to be my favourite colour when I was about that age.

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Olive and Lemon

A couple of days ago I did a post about packaging. After that post, I discoverd that I really enjoy taking pictures of beatiful, strange or rare boxes and bottles. Today a photo of a bottle of olive/lemon oil that I bought in Tel Aviv.  I can’t read Hebrew, so I don’t know what the label [...]

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The old style

I recentley discovered a very nice blog called Magdaloony wich is all about packaging. I especially like the posts about old boxes and packaging. On our attic I found this old game ‘Mens erger je niet’ wich means ‘Do not get angry, man’. I think that my parents used to play with it and that the box is from [...]

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