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Twee nieuwe schatten in onze huiskamer. Een theepot uit het Brabantse Rosmalen en een wijwaterbakje uit een kleine winkel in Gouda. Dit keer met wat hulp van pixlr Two new treasures in our home. A teapot from the Brabant Rosmalen and a bowl of holy water from a small shop Gouda. With some help of [...]

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Tweede Kamer

Here some photos of the Tweede Kamer (parliament) that I took last December. This is the place where I worked for almost three years. It took me a while to get these very peaceful pictures: no MP’s, ministers, or journalists on it. I think the Tweede Kamer is one of the most beautiful modern buildings [...]

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Male & female

I bought these wooden signs in a shop called Juffrouw Saartje in Gouda. I love to have a look there, and I always find something nice to take home. The little boy and girl are hanging on our toilet door now.

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One, two, christmas tree

Last year I planted our christmas tree in the garden. After a bit of cutting, it still is a pretty nice little tree. From garden -to christmas tree.

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Camera Crew

Every Tuesday I’m organising the weekly Question Hour in Dutch parlement. A lot off phone calls, e-mails and conversation with the speaker of the house. Today there was a camera crew following what I’m doing every week. I was pretty stressed – I had so much work to do -, so I’ll probably have a head [...]

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A couple of pieces from my blue ceramic collection. I buy way too many (vintage) cups, vases, plates and bowls, but find it so lovely to use different kinds of tableware. Here a part of my blue collection. I think the combination of blue and white looks great, don’t you?

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Count your blessings 3#


A lot of blessings during an indoor Saturday. I got my new telephone – finally – and I am so happy with it! My daily train trip to work will be much more fun with it. My anglophile sister Leonie cooked me a wonderfull English dinner, and my boyfriend bought me flowers. Last but not [...]

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Little bottles

I bought these retro perfume bottles at the Ikea a couple of weeks ago. Aren’t they lovely?

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Something yellow

The house needed a bit yellow. Some paint, an old vegetable box and a couple sunflowers did it for me.

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At home

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