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Happy weekend

This was a nice but busy week. I started with my German lessons, held a dinner party, did a bit of wedding planning, visited my parents. And ofcourse my Thursday night evening/night shift, wich means beeing in the office until the end of the parliamentary meeting – I worked from 11 to 11; not too [...]

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Little bottles

I bought these retro perfume bottles at the Ikea a couple of weeks ago. Aren’t they lovely?

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Old wine

Last week Stijn and I openend a bottle of Bordeaux wine from 2000. It was delicious and a bit weird; I realised that the grapes in these wine where growing in sunny France when I was fifteen years old, studying for my High School exams.. I’m getting old: Cheers!

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At home

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Kitchen wishes

I would love to have a new kitchen; with a big cooking stove, a colourful Smeg fridge and some bright and white cupboards. – It’s always good to have wishes – There is one thing from our (old) kitchen that I would like to keep: the lovely floor that we have.

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Happy Monday

Monday isn’t really my favourite day of the week – and I’m probably not the only one with this allergy -. To make life a bit easier, a picture of some beatiful flowers that I bought this weekend. I wish you all a happy Monday!

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Four Mainzelmännchen

I found some old toys from my mother; four Mainzelmännchen. She used to play with these little German people when she was a child. The Mainzelmännchen are now dancing on our stereo. It makes me happy, everytime I look at them.

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High Tea

Last Sunday was al about drinking tea with my two sisters. I had a great time baking, eating, chatting and drinking (tea ofcourse).

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Sunday at home

This Saturday night we went to a ‘Beauty and the Nerd party’ and had a lot of fun there. – you can see the nerd glasses on the table -. It was a very late night, and it didn’t stop raining today, so I’ve spent most of this Sunday indoors. We had a lovely breakfast, [...]

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Carrot cake

This weekend I bought carrots at the market to make a carrot cake. I always used to love the cake from starbucks, but the one I made is so much better! There is only a tiny piece left. Can’t wait to go home..

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