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Winter strawberries

I prefer not buy summer fruit during winter time because it’s not so good for the environment. But when I saw this delicious red strawberries I just had to buy them. I eat these tasty fruits on beschuit, by (winter) candlelight.

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I ‘ve been working my new job for three weeks now and I am very happy that I switched to the ministry of Security and Justice. I’m traveling around the country and I’m learning a lot about about crime (a whole new and interesting theme for me). Now I’m celebrating the weekend with a relaxing [...]

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Male & female

I bought these wooden signs in a shop called Juffrouw Saartje in Gouda. I love to have a look there, and I always find something nice to take home. The little boy and girl are hanging on our toilet door now.

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One, two, christmas tree

Last year I planted our christmas tree in the garden. After a bit of cutting, it still is a pretty nice little tree. From garden -to christmas tree.

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A day with a dog

This is Ronja, she lives with Stijn’s parents. I used to be a bit afraid of dogs, but Ronja and I are becoming friends more and more. I even find it pretty fun to ‘dog sit’ now and then.

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Blessings 4#


I had a very busy week, so the biggest blessing this weekend was being able to sleep the whole morning! On Saturday we went to the movies and we put our shoes in front of the door for Sinterklaas – more about this Dutch tradition later -. On Sunday we cycled trough the beautiful Groene [...]

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I really enjoy blogs with lomo-pictures. I while ago I bought a polaroid camera and started taking photo’s with it, wich can be really difficult. – sometimes it’s just black what you see – These two portraits worked out pretty well: In my first lomo post, a picture of lomography. For more Lomo-saturday take a [...]

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I’m sick at home for two days now. My mom gave me this colourful roses to cheer me up.

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First pictures

My Polaroid Land 1000 camera arrived yesterday evening. It looks brand new, with all the original books and a camera bag from the 70′s! Unfortunately it was already dark when I tried to take my first pictures. – And, everyone tells me that you’ve to practise a bit, before you get some nice ones (it’s a pity [...]

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Who doesn’t want to have a boyfriend that can cook?

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