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Tweede Kamer

Here some photos of the Tweede Kamer (parliament) that I took last December. This is the place where I worked for almost three years. It took me a while to get these very peaceful pictures: no MP’s, ministers, or journalists on it. I think the Tweede Kamer is one of the most beautiful modern buildings [...]

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Lomo Saturday

I made this picture with a disposable camera, during my lunchbreak a couple of months ago. It’s a typical ‘The Hague scene’. You can see the hofvijver, buildings from the inner court and some beautiful red flowers. For more Lomo-saturday take a look at the blogs of initiator Anki, Casper, Mireille, Marrit, Nikki, Judith, Marcia, Sacha and Nine

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Count your blessings 2#


My parents where married for 30 years this weekend. We went to Amsterdam – wich was a surprise – to celebrate. It was a great day. We rented bikes and a guide showed us around (for eight hours!). I know Amsterdam pretty well, but I never cycled there; a fun experience. I saw a lot [...]

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Old wine

Last week Stijn and I openend a bottle of Bordeaux wine from 2000. It was delicious and a bit weird; I realised that the grapes in these wine where growing in sunny France when I was fifteen years old, studying for my High School exams.. I’m getting old: Cheers!

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A nice thing about being a civil servant in the Tweede Kamer (the Dutch parlement) is to stand front row during special occasions. It was Prince’s Day yesterday, the start of the parliamentary year. A day full with militaries, horses, mp’s and ofcourse the queen and her golden Golden Carriage.

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The road to succes

After a long summer, it’s finally getting busy at work. A good moment to post a picture of this funny card. Stijn’s sister Mariska bought it for me (somewhere) in the USA. It was probably used as propaganda material during the sixties by American feminists.

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