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Het waren hele fijne feestdagen met lekker eten, mooie kerstbomen en veel gezelligheid. Wat een bijzonder jaar was 2012: we trouwden, kochten ons huis, maakte een start met de grote verbouwing en vonden alle twee een nieuwe baan. Dat 2013 maar net zo mooi mag worden. Met instagram het nieuwe jaar in. It where such [...]

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Vacation mood


My last vacation days before going back to work are used very well. I mostly blog, read and relax. Our old nanny/babysitter (and neighbour) Liesbeth brought me a visit this morning. Talking about childhood with a cup of coffee was really nice. Just like the flowers she bought me.  

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A look in my photo book

Yesterday Iooked at some pictures in my photo book and found some really nice ones of myself when I was about two years old. The first is me sleeping. Funny to see that I am still sleeping in exactly the same position (exept for the thumb in my mouth). The other photo is one of [...]

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A good weekend

A great weekend with fun, friends and good food. I visited Utrecht; the city where I lived and studied for six years. I had dinner with two of my old flatmates; Leonie and Cyntha. It was great to see them again, listen to their stories and to eat a (tiny) piece of cheescake.

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