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Carrot cake

This weekend I bought carrots at the market to make a carrot cake. I always used to love the cake from starbucks, but the one I made is so much better! There is only a tiny piece left. Can’t wait to go home..

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Sometimes you just need to spoil yourself. Especially after a long day of work and if the box has a pink ribbon. Don’t worry, I shared.

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Sunday salmon

One of my favourite and most easiest dishes to prepare; salmon with avocado and pasta. Don’t you just love the avocado green? – Sprinkle some salt, pepper, olive oil and garlic on the salmon steaks. Grill the steaks for five minutes or put them in the oven (220c) for twenty minutes. – For the sauce: [...]

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Afternoon in Beyoglu

Beyoğlu is an uphill district in the modern part of Istanbul. It has a young, friendly and artistic atmosphere. Just look at this serie of pictures and you might feel feel the vibe!

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Mexican evening

A nice and sunny evening with Manu Chao, white wine and Mexican food. My sisters and two of the three boyfriends where there. My last post before going to Istanbul! Blog stop for a few days. Hope that I can show you al lot of beatiful pictures and great stories from Turkey soon.

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Sisters and coffee

My youngest sister Anouk studied in England and got back to Holland a couple of days ago. It was really good to see her again after five (!) months. We had a cup of coffee at our favourite coffee cafe in Utrecht and talked a lot.. You can find the ‘Abels sign’ above a shop [...]

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For all the soup lovers

I love making and eating soup. This one is vegetarian, hallal and kosher, good if you’ve got different kind of people coming over.

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Indoor days

Because of the cold and the rain we stayed indoors most of the weekend. We had a nice fondue, watched a lot of tv and I painted the toilet walls bright and white.

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Ok, I know that I should eat more fruit, but this is art.

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A good weekend

A great weekend with fun, friends and good food. I visited Utrecht; the city where I lived and studied for six years. I had dinner with two of my old flatmates; Leonie and Cyntha. It was great to see them again, listen to their stories and to eat a (tiny) piece of cheescake.

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