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Napkin collection

What is a dinner party without a few nice napkins? After all, food tastes better at a beautifully decorated table..

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Dutch December sweets called pepernoten. Love it!

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Old wine

Last week Stijn and I openend a bottle of Bordeaux wine from 2000. It was delicious and a bit weird; I realised that the grapes in these wine where growing in sunny France when I was fifteen years old, studying for my High School exams.. I’m getting old: Cheers!

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Healthy moments

Healthy food can be delicious. I found these cute tiny cucumber last week somewhere in The Hague. The beschuit (a Dutch cracker) with strawberries is even better; I just love it.

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Gifts from France

Stijn’s parents where on holiday in France and they brought a some very delicious gifts back home. Eatable souvenirs are the best!

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High Tea

Last Sunday was al about drinking tea with my two sisters. I had a great time baking, eating, chatting and drinking (tea ofcourse).

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Cups, plates and bowls

After my first year of university my mom gave me a big box with pottery from Blond Amsterdam. I still love these colourfull cups and bowls and use them a lot.  Sometimes I go to a ‘Blond dealer’ to search for new items. To start a lovely weekend; strawberries with cream in a Blond Amsterdam [...]

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Sunday at home

This Saturday night we went to a ‘Beauty and the Nerd party’ and had a lot of fun there. – you can see the nerd glasses on the table -. It was a very late night, and it didn’t stop raining today, so I’ve spent most of this Sunday indoors. We had a lovely breakfast, [...]

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Gifts from London

Stijn brought me two nice gifts from London. A very sweet umbrella and a pack of crumpets. I discovered crumpets when I lived and worked in Nottingham for a couple of months. I think their the best with butter and sugar. What ‘abroad dish’ do you like?

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Food and sun

Last saturday we had a nice and (this time) vegetarian dinner in our garden. Goat cheese with honey and thyme in puff pastry combined with a loveley sald.

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