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New bag

Wat ben ik ontzettend blij met mijn prachtige leren aktetas. Mijn laptop en boeken kunnen er in: en zo kan ik als een echte ambtenaar op pad. I am very happy with my beautiful leather briefcase.  I can take my laptop and books with me now.

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Happy feet

De laatste tijd draag ik graag gekleurde panty’s en sokken. De vossensokken kocht ik in Antwerpen. Hier een paar foto’s van gekleurde voeten. Vandaag een heerlijke vrije zondag; op slippers met af en toe een beetje zon. I really like to wear colored tights and socks. Here are a few pictures of my colored feet from [...]

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Count your blessings 3#


A lot of blessings during an indoor Saturday. I got my new telephone – finally – and I am so happy with it! My daily train trip to work will be much more fun with it. My anglophile sister Leonie cooked me a wonderfull English dinner, and my boyfriend bought me flowers. Last but not [...]

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The wedding dress

Yesterday I bought my dream wedding dress! I went with my mom and sister Leonie to a little shop in Brabant, and found the perfect dress after trying on a few others. Ofcourse I can not show it yet – you’ll have to wait for May the 16th -. Here a few (lomo)pictures from the [...]

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Lonely socks

This piece of art is standing in the building where I work. It’s called ‘Klaagmuur van eenzame sokken’, wich means ‘Wailing wall of lonely socks’. It’s made out of hundreds of single socks. I think every single person in the world – who wears socks – recognizes the problem: “where are all my socks!?” I [...]

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Sale skirt

There is sale at Laura Ashley at the moment, and I am really into long -and vintage style skirts. So I couldn’t resist taking this beauty home.

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My lovely new bag

My new, lovely and colourful bag. I bought it at the primark: cheap and plastic. I don’t care, it looks fantastic!

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Vacation mood


My last vacation days before going back to work are used very well. I mostly blog, read and relax. Our old nanny/babysitter (and neighbour) Liesbeth brought me a visit this morning. Talking about childhood with a cup of coffee was really nice. Just like the flowers she bought me.  

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Happy feet and a happy coat

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The antique market

I went to the Wednesday antique market in my hometown Gouda and bought this lovely brooch for only 3 euros: a great deal!

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