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Sinterklaas blessings

Anouk's tea

The Sintklaas fest is a Dutch (and Belgium) tradition that is very populair in our family – and the rest of Holland-. We don’t give eachother presents at christmas, but at the 5th of December, during Sinterklaas (we did it a few days earlier this time) Saint Nicolas visits our home evey year, with a [...]

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Tea, cake and photos

BBagels & Beans

Yesterday I went to Utrecht for a cup of tea with my little sister Anouk. We talked a lot, eat delicious cake and we took a couple of lovely pictures in a photo booth

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Count your blessings 2#


My parents where married for 30 years this weekend. We went to Amsterdam – wich was a surprise – to celebrate. It was a great day. We rented bikes and a guide showed us around (for eight hours!). I know Amsterdam pretty well, but I never cycled there; a fun experience. I saw a lot [...]

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Count your blessings


I had a great weekend with lots of family, friends, fun, good food and sun. On Friday I had a very posh and delicious dinner in Utrecht – thanks so much Minouche! -. The next day I drank a cup of tea with Heidi, and had dinner in the evening with my my pregnant cousin Mariella and my [...]

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Wedding fair

I never thought that I would go to a wedding fair, but yesterday I did it anyway.. And, it was actually pretty nice. My mom and I went together, and we had a great time. I came home with a lot of dress inspiration.

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Weekend trip

A big part of my family lives in Twente, a district near the German border. Last Sunday we brought a short vistit to the grandparents. It’s always a long trip, but nice to see them again.

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Gifts from France

Stijn’s parents where on holiday in France and they brought a some very delicious gifts back home. Eatable souvenirs are the best!

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Four Mainzelmännchen

I found some old toys from my mother; four Mainzelmännchen. She used to play with these little German people when she was a child. The Mainzelmännchen are now dancing on our stereo. It makes me happy, everytime I look at them.

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High Tea

Last Sunday was al about drinking tea with my two sisters. I had a great time baking, eating, chatting and drinking (tea ofcourse).

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Funny and sunny

This weekend we where in Amsterdam to see Stijn’s sister Mariska. We enjoyed the sun, with a nice white beer, at one of the docks. After that we went to a comedy club called Toomler. It’s the best stand-up comedy you can get in the Netherlands (in Dutch and English). We had pretty good time.

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