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Good Morning

I slept like a rose

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Sometimes you just need to spoil yourself. Especially after a long day of work and if the box has a pink ribbon. Don’t worry, I shared.

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Another favourite shop

I feel like shopping and I might go for one of these bastkets.. Dille & Kamille is one of my favourite shops in the Netherlands (you can also find them in Belgium). They sell a lot of great stuff, like cooking materials, tea, herbs, candy, wooden toys, bath products, plants, ceramics and textiles. The shops [...]

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Radio contact

You won’t believe it; Stijn and I managed to live without a radio or soundsystem for more than eight years.. Today – the first sunny day in July – we ate some icecream, bought our first real radio and listened to a lot of music.

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Thursday in The Hague

A walk around the park during lunchtime

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