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Silver spoons

Every Thursday there is a book -and antique market at the Lange Voorhout in The Hague. You can find everything there, from very expensive to reasonable priced antique and vintage. I really like the street; with it’s length and beautiful trees. Today I bought six silver flowery tea spoons, witch I am really happy with. – [...]

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Olive and Lemon

A couple of days ago I did a post about packaging. After that post, I discoverd that I really enjoy taking pictures of beatiful, strange or rare boxes and bottles. Today a photo of a bottle of olive/lemon oil that I bought in Tel Aviv.  I can’t read Hebrew, so I don’t know what the label [...]

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My new vintage clock

A new item for my vintage collection arrived last weekend. I bought this nice fifties/sixties clock on Marktplaats (the Dutch eBay) and I’m really happy with it. Don’t you love just love the colour?

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The old style

I recentley discovered a very nice blog called Magdaloony wich is all about packaging. I especially like the posts about old boxes and packaging. On our attic I found this old game ‘Mens erger je niet’ wich means ‘Do not get angry, man’. I think that my parents used to play with it and that the box is from [...]

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Acient white

Some pictures of the Archaeological Museum in Istanbul. I love the sunshine combined with the bright and white statues. I think that everybody just has to love history if you see these kind of pictures. The one of Stijn and Zeus is my favorite.

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Sweet objects

      Just some sweet and colourful objects that you can find in our home. – I got the little box from my friend Pam for my birthday, a couple of years ago – My favourite pair of earrings (can’t remember where I bought them) – Flowery pillow from Leen Bakker – Garden/home gnome [...]

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Turkish patterns

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Happy feet and a happy coat

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The antique market

I went to the Wednesday antique market in my hometown Gouda and bought this lovely brooch for only 3 euros: a great deal!

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Three weeks off and so much to do

Today was my last day at work! There are waiting three whole weeks of free time on me and I’ve got so many plans. Going to Istanbul (!), seeing friends and family, decortaing, painting, shopping, blogging, reading, writing, gardening, cooking, knitting, baking. I just love it! I found this bulletin board somewhere on our attic [...]

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