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Me and my apples


Ik ben sinds kort de gelukkige eigenaar van een Macbook Pro! Ik ben er echt ontzettend blij mee. Ik en al mijn appeltjes. I am the happy owner of a Macbook Pro! I’m really very pleased about. I and all my apples.

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A busy weekend, with a lot of talking about our marriage. We bought rings (wich was really fun to do) and talked with a priest. I really would like to marry in a church (maybe a bit old-fashion, but it makes the whole day complete for me). It seems that the organizing never ends: there [...]

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Vintage étagère

I while ago I found the lovely blog of Jolijndesign; she inspired me to make this étagère. I love to collect vintage cups and plates and I’m a big fan of drinking tea and eating chocolate. Here you can see the result of this combination.

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A couple of pieces from my blue ceramic collection. I buy way too many (vintage) cups, vases, plates and bowls, but find it so lovely to use different kinds of tableware. Here a part of my blue collection. I think the combination of blue and white looks great, don’t you?

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Napkin collection

What is a dinner party without a few nice napkins? After all, food tastes better at a beautifully decorated table..

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O, holy thrifting

It was time for thrifting today. I went to all my favourite shops to look for hidden treasures. After the fifth shop I almost gave up, but then I found this lovely Mary. I’m a big fan of holy statues; especially female ones. It’s weird habit that studying history has done with me.

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My lovely new bag

My new, lovely and colourful bag. I bought it at the primark: cheap and plastic. I don’t care, it looks fantastic!

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Four Mainzelmännchen

I found some old toys from my mother; four Mainzelmännchen. She used to play with these little German people when she was a child. The Mainzelmännchen are now dancing on our stereo. It makes me happy, everytime I look at them.

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Vintage from the thrift shop

There are a few nice thrift shops in my home town Gouda. I’m really happy with my latest vintage treasures that I bought at one of these shops: – A sweet tea box in my favourite colour: minty – An old LP record from South Africa. I haven’t listend to the music yet, but I [...]

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Cups, plates and bowls

After my first year of university my mom gave me a big box with pottery from Blond Amsterdam. I still love these colourfull cups and bowls and use them a lot.  Sometimes I go to a ‘Blond dealer’ to search for new items. To start a lovely weekend; strawberries with cream in a Blond Amsterdam [...]

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