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Gemeente Museum

Dit weekend heb ik maar weer eens een museumjaarkaart gekocht. We brachten een bezoek aan het Haags Gemeentemuseum, dat in een prachtig gebouw van Berlage is gevestigd. Naast moderne kunst, een extraatje uit het Mauritshuis dat wordt verbouwd. We hebben een paar prachtige oude meesters gezien. Ik heb de smaak te pakken gekregen en wil [...]

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Beautiful voice

  Last Sunday I went to Amsterdam for a performance from my sister Anouk. She sang along with a few other singers, some beautiful musical songs (and a few solo’s). ‘ The diva’ was the theme of this afternoon. If you want to hear something from Anouk (and her own beautiful songs) click here. Afgelopen [...]

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Stijn made ​​this painting. I love it

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New look

A big surprise for me by Stijn: a new look for my blog! There are still a few little things that have to change, but I think it already looks fantastic. Next thing that I need to do; find a new (and catchy) name…

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Wedding cake

My youngest sister Anouk is incredibly creative. She is a wonderful singer-songwriter (click here for her myspace page), and she also bakes great pies! Today she made ​​a delicious wedding cake. It is a test cake, but I think it already looks pretty awesome. It was made ​​in our own wedding style.

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A while ago I read this article in the Volkskrant. It’s about photography with your smartphone. I’ve got an iPhone for a couple of weeks now, and I really enjoy taking pictures with it. Phoneography pictures can be really beautiful: in Antwerp there is even a gallery that shows them (you can read more about [...]

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Writing cards

I think that my boyfriend Stijn is a fantastic graphic designer. He made these lovely safe-the date-cards for our wedding. In six months there will be a great party. I’m really looking forward to it!

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Lomo Saturday

Here a few polaroids that I took to practise, together with a card of the impossible project. – I love their website – The photos turned out a bit orange and spooky. For more Lomo-saturday take a look at the blogs of initiator Anki, Casper, Mireille, Marrit, Nikki, Judith, Marcia, Sacha and Nine

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Lonely socks

This piece of art is standing in the building where I work. It’s called ‘Klaagmuur van eenzame sokken’, wich means ‘Wailing wall of lonely socks’. It’s made out of hundreds of single socks. I think every single person in the world – who wears socks – recognizes the problem: “where are all my socks!?” I [...]

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Count your blessings


I had a great weekend with lots of family, friends, fun, good food and sun. On Friday I had a very posh and delicious dinner in Utrecht – thanks so much Minouche! -. The next day I drank a cup of tea with Heidi, and had dinner in the evening with my my pregnant cousin Mariella and my [...]

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